To change the world through better health, wealth and relationships.

In NuViza, we have been able to pull together people from all walks of life to focus on the mission at hand. The NuViza philosophy is very simple. Put the people first, as they are the champions of our philosophy. The biggest asset to any successful company always has been and always will be its people. So, rather than looking at you as dispensable as would any other company, we appreciate you. We take the time to inspire, motivate, and walk you through the steps to your success. Our goal is to allow you to achieve what makes you happy!


To build a family so massive it will empower people across the known world.

NuViza is much more than a company delivering high quality nutrition products. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in. NuViza is committed to helping individuals, not only with the incredible benefits of its products, but with a business opportunity that opens the door to personal success and potentially limitless financial success. By providing a system that allows the average person across the world to develop financial intelligence, freedom to capitalize and achieve goals NuViza will influence the state of economy, one person at a time.


2015 - Latin Expansion

Official launch in to Mexico with two new directors in 90 days of launch with distribution centers opened in Mexico City and Puebla City. Aerra Skincare products are added to NuViza product line bringing the total products offered by NuViza to 15.

2014 - Records Broken

NuViza begins the year with January being a record breaking month by growing 117% over January of 2013. NuViza expands into Sweden and is featured on the Good Morning Antigua show for its amazing product line. 10GO Coffee, GIA Energy coffee and EGO energy shots are added to NuViza product offerings.

2013 - Consistent Growth

NuViza achieves highest pay out averages since launch, with consistent growth from the Alpha Body Challenge. NuViza promotes ten new Executives and above, the Caribbean Islands officially launched with distribution center, and the EVO – Enhanced Virtual Office system is introduced.

2012 - Expanding Our Products

NuViza launches the GenKi super complex and the O.N.E. meal shake for a total of five products. The 90 Day Alpha Body Challenge is organized and promotion begins. Rapid expansion into Japan with an Executive Director promotion in Asia

2011 - Grand Opening

January 1, 2011 marks the first day in business for NuViza. The organization is a total of seven people, from all backgrounds focused on one common mission: to change the world. NuViza launches with three products, the EMZ, BURNx, and the DTX.